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Oracle PBCS- What is Going On?

Posted by Bill Lowry on June 21, 2016


shutterstock_337768727.jpgIn the 1940s, high school student Barbara Lee Wilson was having trouble figuring out advanced mathematics. Who better to turn to than the person widely regarded at the time as the smartest in the world: Albert Einstein.

His response? “Do not worry about your difficulties in Mathematics. I can assure you that mine are still greater.”

I often think about this exchange in our world of continuous change, and Oracle’s Planning and Budgeting Cloud Services (PBCS) seem to be in a constant state of change as well. We often hear from our existing and potential clients that tracking all of the changes (ex. simplified interface) is overwhelming. Without a doubt, there is a lot going on with this product, and like you, it is a challenge for those of us who work with the product on a daily basis to stay on top of everything that is going on.

Quick Summary of the Recent Changes:

  1. PBCS technology is now being propagated to other Oracle products
    For example, Fusion general ledger is now generating PBCS Essbase databases to use for reporting. 
  3. Oracle has recently released a professional edition of PBCS
    This brings some legacy Planning content, such as Workforce and Capital Expense to the cloud. However, it is not a like-for-like update in terms of functionality.
  5. Essbase is being released on the cloud (the calculation engine underneath Planning and PBCS)
    What does this mean for how Oracle Enterprise Performance Management works going forward?
  7. Oracle is marketing the planning function
    This has traditionally been regarded as a Finance function to other business units such as Human Resources and Operations.

To think these are just a few of the highlights!

Adding more equations to the mix, here are a few questions and concerns Oracle prospects and clients are talking about now:

  • What existing Planning applications can be migrated to the cloud?
  • So how does integration work with on-premise applications?
  • Can someone explain how all the pieces fit together please?
  • I just want to know how data integration works.

Keeping track of the changes and getting answers to questions can, for a be maddeningly frustrating. Fortunately, in much the same way that Barbara Lee Wilson had an expert to turn to for math advice, there are experts who,are able to track constant changes in the PBCS space and understand the implications for your business.

I would never want to invite the comparison with Albert Einstein, but we are happy to talk with you about your business needs, your current environment, and understand what needs to be done when moving to PBCS.

So if the idea of transitioning from Planning to PBCS or making a new PBCS investment is confusing or overwhelming (or even if you have specific questions about how PBCS works), we are here to help. Rest assured, the guidance Emtec can provide will be more practical than the help that Barbara received from Einstein.

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