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Should I Upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016?

Posted by Emtec Blog Team on May 6, 2016

Should_I_Upgrade_to_Dynamics_GP2016.pngWhen most people hear the words "May and June" they think, "only a few more weeks until summer break." But for those of you who have the words "Finance" and "IT" in your job titles, chances are you have the May 1st GP 2016 release on your mind...

"What are the new tools and improvements?"

"What are my upgrade options?" 

"Will the new release add value to my organization?"

Here are 4 considerations to take into account if you are feel now is the right time to upgrade your Dynamics GP system and related products.

  • HTML 5
  • Power BI
  • Variety of Features
  • Old school versions are nearly extinct

A Brief Explanation of the Four Considerations:

  • What is HTML 5? - 
    • It’s the latest technology that allows you to access GP from virtually anywhere through any web browser. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Linux, you name it! In addition you can view and use GP on any device such as your smartphone or tablet with any platform (Android, Windows, Apple).
  • All About Power BI - 
    • A new business intelligence app on the Dynamics GP 2016 Homepage for an immediate snapshot of critical business KPI’s with drilldown capabilities to see the details behind the scenes.
  • Exciting Features Include ( but are not limited to) - 
    • Increased Distribution Reference Field
    • All in One View for Sales and Inventory
    • Workflow Enhancements (Email Notifications, Word Templates, Condition Management)
    • Export and Import SmartList Favorites
    • Payroll Posting Accounts Redesign
    • Exception Report on Excel Budget Import
    • Automatic Deposit of Cash Receipts
  • Old School Versions are Approaching Extinction -
    • GP10 will not be supported at all after October 2017
    • FRx is NOT supported at all
    • GP 2010 will not be supported at all after October 2020

If you have been involved with making decisions around your Dynamics GP systems and features, we realize you have a lot of pressure to keep your solution supported while still maintaining and increasing the effectiveness of your team. There seems to be a bit of confusion around the new tools and improvements, and many organizations are finding themselves weighing the value between upgrading vs. migrating.

What I recommend is to first gather and understand the facts around the new release. Doing so will help you weigh the pros and cons in order to make the right decision for your organization.

Still concerned the new release could halt financial close or payroll processing? Or don't have the time to properly assess your current GP environment?

Learn how you can receive a complementary analysis of your GP environment by registering for our webinar, What You Need to Know Before Upgrading to GP 2016.

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