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 Kelly Services Mobility AppWhen an organization decides to mobilize an application, it’s easy to wish for the moon.

It would be ideal to have an app with the latest bells and whistles that also increases brand recognition and yields additional revenue. But now that Enterprise Mobility Services are so prevalent, many organizations are realizing if a new app isn’t immediately engaging enough to the customer, they will delete it, and it will be extremely difficult to get them to re-download it again.

According to research from Localytics, 23% of users will abandon an app after only one use. Further, 63% will disengage from an app within in a month after downloading it and by three months, that number reaches 80%.

So many organizations are taking a careful approach to mobilizing customer applications.

For example, Kelly Services wanted a mobile app that could offer an easier and deeper way to engage with clients. But even after enlisting an implementation partner and having numerous internal mobile strategy discussions, the organization still was cautious, says Mark Kryska, director of front office and web applications for the staffing firm.

He advises organizations heed three considerations when pursuing an enterprise mobility strategy:

1: Innovation is Simplicity

Kelly thoroughly narrowed down a series of design decisions the app must have before it began developing the new technology. These included location-based job applications, efficiency in applying, one-click applying, social sharing, and social logins. The organization decided it would add further functionalities after the app was successfully adopted.

“What we really wanted to focus on was making it easier and more efficient for our talent to find a job,” Kryska says. “So, we just took something that’s difficult today and made it simple. That’s innovative.”

2: Do What You are Good at

Kryska determined Kelly had the resources to build APIs that would connect its existing systems--including Kelly’s Career Network (KCN) and its employee self-service portal--to a new app, but needed an outside firm to focus on the mobile part.

“One of the benefits of working with an implementation partner is they did a lot of the mobile heavy lifting, which is what they are good at,” he says.

This approach helped save time and money because he didn’t have to scale the organization’s IT resources up and down periodically throughout the mobile app development, rollout and future upgrades.

3: Avoid Gimmicks

Kelly’s internal leadership discussed some new, innovative functions that the organization could enable in a mobile app, including swiping and shaking features. While the functions could garner initial interest, the organization ultimately determined they weren’t part of its core values and likely wouldn’t keep people coming back to the app.

Now that Kelly has had more than 66,115 downloads of its mobile app, it is preparing to add more functionality in their next release in June, including improved resume parsing, easier data entry and instant feedback capabilities. The app is currently available for download on the Google Play and Apple App Store.

To learn more about how Kelly built its mobile app on Salesforce technology with Wave6, a subsidiary of Emtec Inc., as an implementation partner, check out this webcast with Kryska at Kelly Services. If your organization doesn’t know how to get started with Enterprise Mobility, or knows what it needs from a mobile strategy but is not sure how to get there, contact us for a mobile evaluation to help you get your initiative going.

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