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HCM ADP Accelerator Eases Data ManagementMany organizations are seeking a more direct interface between their HCM and payroll systems to get a better handle on managing all their employee data. However, Oracle HCM Cloud toolsets currently does not offer an out of the box integration with ADP's HCM and Payroll systems like GlobalView, Streamline, or Workforce Now.

Working with numerous clients that have this challenge, Emtec developed an accelerator specifically within the Oracle HCM Cloud system that enables organizations to send data to an ADP payroll system. While potential use cases for this type of accelerator are limitless, we’ve worked with numerous clients that had one specific challenge in mind that could benefit from such integration.

ACA reporting 

Despite any amendments the Trump administration has made to the Affordable Care Act (ACA) over the past few months, businesses still must manage the reporting requirements of the original legislation. The law requires that employers submit specific subsets of HCM information within various categories for each of their employees to the IRS on an annual basis including:

•    Benefit transactions
•    Dependent benefit transactions
•    Employee payroll
•    Employee demographics
•    Employee unpaid leave of absence, such as for jury duty, FMLA, etc.

In the three years since reporting this data has been required, however, many businesses have balked at the amount of work that’s involved in the process. That’s because not only are these data elements usually stored in three different applications within most HCM systems--requiring three different data extractions—they must be then put together, properly formatted, encrypted and submitted in a single file. Further, companies also are required to print these statements for each of their employees every year.

So instead, many companies are outsourcing the submission and printing processes to their payroll system or other HR system vendors, such as ADP, which then have required their own specifications on how they need to receive the data to ensure quality. 

HCM and payroll integration

Emtec developed customizations specifically within the Oracle HCM Cloud system that automate the ACA’s required sequence of data pulls, formatting and encryption, and send the information to ADP for IRS submission as well as creation of employee reports.

This Accelerator automatically sends data to the payroll vendor each pay period. Emtec worked with ADP Payroll Services to ensure the new interface had the data specifications the vendor needed to receive clean data that it could submit and send to employees. The integration can be implemented within a week with some configuration for the unique codes the IRS requires for each employer and other minor customizations.

Utilizing the Emtec Oracle HCM Cloud Accelerator, an organization simply needs to schedule the periodic data pulls, place the files they generate onto their ADP servers or send them directly to ADP Payroll Services. Every company is affected by the extensive, cumbersome ACA data requirements, but with this Accelerator customization, they can spend a little less time worrying about them.

Emtec also has built other accelerators in Oracle HCM Cloud to help automate calculations for specific city or state employer tax laws as well as payments for terminiated employees.  Our consultants have the application development expertise to further customize the system and other HR applications to help your company streamline processes and meet other HCM, ERP and EPM integration needs.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you today!

Written by Emtec HCM Blog Team

The Emtec HCM blog team is proud to bring you the latest IT insights and best practices that can help optimize and empower HR systems and processes. The team includes thought leaders globally across sectors, technologies and specialties with their unique experience and acumen. If you would like to connect with the Emtec Blog Team: Insights@emtecinc.com

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