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So why should you consider upgrading Hyperion?

The standard response is usually to take advantage of new features in the next release. That’s accurate but it’s not the only thing to take into consideration in deciding to upgrade. You should also look at underlying technology changes, user interfaces, new product introductions, integration, and on and on.

User Interface

Let’s start with the user interface. If you are currently on version or earlier, the user interface alone is a major decision factor. With the release of version, Oracle has changed the underlying user interface technology across the product line. The UI has a crisper look. The screen views are similar. The new UI (See below) allows for more standard, right click menu’s and limits the need to go to different screens to perform various tasks. This will be the new standard going forward, so this time-saving feature should evaluated.

Hyperion User Interface

 New Features

When Oracle released version, there in fact where quite a few new features. However, due to timing many planned features did not make the cut. Well they have now. With so many new features, Oracle has decided to allow anyone on version or later to upgrade directly to version — and they’ve created a simplified wizard to upgrade.

Product Integration

Product integration, and integration in general, is always a huge consideration with an upgrade. With this upcoming release, Oracle has begun the process of tighter integration within the product groupings. This covers the HFM suite of products (HFM, Disclosure Management, Account Reconciliation Manager, and Financial Management Analytics, a BI App) and the Planning Suite, in particular Planning and Strategic Finance. There is also a move to bring together data integration products FDM and ERPI and that process has begun. Depending on your situation this can carry some priority in moving toward an upgrade.

Moving to the Cloud

This Hyperion release will become the base for any thoughts of possibly moving to the Cloud. That’s correct… Oracle will be releasing the first Hyperion Cloud product — Hyperion Planning, but only starting with V11.1.2.3. If your firm is seriously considering a move toward the Cloud, even if it’s not soon, it would be prudent to upgrade to version, so that when the decision is made, it would be significantly easier to make the move.

More Food for Thought

We wanted to focus on some of the main reasons to consider making the upgrade. However, another common decision factor is support. We can go on and on and talk about support for IE9 and soon IE10, Firefox and good ol’ Office 20xx. And one more item —don’t fall too far behind, especially since Oracle is shortening the time it supports and enhances older versions.

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