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5 Reasons Why HR Considers SharePoint a Powerful AllySurprisingly (at least for me), HR is often a hotbed of SharePoint activity. It doesn't matter the size of the company, HR departments everywhere tend to love SharePoint and considers it to be a very powerful ally.

Why? If the intent of my blog were to sum it all up in one word the answer would be, COLLABORATION. But the purpose of this post is to explore the reasons Why Human Resources consider SharePoint to be a Powerful Ally.


Here are 5 Reasons:

1. Large Amount of HR Activity

  • Involves answering questions & providing information
  • By providing this information (e.g. FAQs, forms, documents, etc) in the HR department's SharePoint website - say in the corporate intranet - all that information suddenly becomes self-served - the employees can simply (and quickly) find it for themselves, even if they don't even have an email account (a surprisingly expensive alternative if companies had to give email boxes to every single employee)

2. HR is Unique

  • In many/most organizations the Human Resources department is unique in that it possesses many processes which affect many people
  • Just about every single person in the organization will participate in one or more of these processes on a regular basis, meaning these processes impact a very large number of employees regularly

3. Well Defined Processes

  • Processes tend to be among the most well-defined in the organization, even if they haven't yet been formally modeled (diagrammed)
  • Examples of common HR business processes (include but are not limited to):
    • Onboarding New Employee
    • Status Changing Employee
    • Vacation Requests
    • Transfer Requests
    • Promotion Requests
    • Grievances
    • Workers' Compensation
    • Leaves of Absence

4. Easy to Implement

  • Quite often HR processes require only people and computers in order to execute a given process from beginning to end
  • No additional machinery, devices, etc are required, as might be the case in automating some sort of manufacturing-related process
  • Makes automating HR processes simple

5. SharePoint is Capable of Improving Productivity

  • By automating (in whole or in part) HR business processes, the overall improvement in productivity is a product of:
    • Individual Improvement
    • Number of Individuals affected
    • How often this all happens
      • Total Productivity Increase = (Individual Productivity Increase) x (Number of Individuals Improving) x (The Number of times a Process is Executed)

Because of all these "multipliers," even small improvements in HR processes - when multiplied by hundreds of employees performing this process hundreds of times every month - often translates into HUGE time savings every month. There's virtually no downside to automating HR processes. It's a win-win situation for your entire organization.

It removes the "Should we improve our business processes” challenge, by allowing Human Resources to focus on the solution of "How can we improve/automate these common business processes."

Enter their powerful ally SharePoint, and its ability to quickly transform tedious, manual processes into streamlined, web-driven, self-service processes. Permitting even a small, overworked HR staff to perform the workload of a much larger HR staff, while ensuring a high level of excellence in the execution of these processes and maintaining an equally-high level of employee satisfaction simply because process are now self-service, meaning they're executed as swiftly as the employees demand.


Human Resource Harmony:

When collaboration happens, the HR department brings harmony to SharePoint and the Business Process

  • SharePoint transforms loads of tedious answer-and-provide-info HR activities instantly into employee-self-service activities
  • Human Resources has well-understood business processes
  • Simple (comparatively) easy to automate using SharePoint
  • Potentially very large cost savings due to these processes happening frequently and involving lots of people
  • Remember as you go forward, start small, work smart, and begin scaling up

How great is it to have such a powerful ally working for you and alongside you, helping you get through your day!

In my next post, I'll start to delve into ways you can automate your HR processes with a rather unique design methodology. If your needs require an immediate interaction, please reach out to our Microsoft team of Experts today!

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