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Improve CRM User Adoption with Organizational Change Management imageWith CRM Solutions becoming far more mature and heavily integrated, the approach to implementing must also change. Early adopters had to focus on customizing the application to meet the needs of the users, since most CRM solutions were simply frameworks; and they didn't offer much to the users for ease of use. To better address this issue, companies put a lot of effort into requirements gathering and mapping the business processes to their CRM solutions.



This greatly improved the success for the targeted business units that were using the system.


Improve CRM User

Today, there are numerous tools and features in the CRM products that allow for comprehensive focus on Sales, Marketing, Customer Service and integration to other corporate systems.


While requirements gathering and process mapping remain core to success, another focus has evolved that cannot be overlooked.


Business readiness has morphed from simply gathering requirements from a comprehensive as-is and future state approach, to ensuring that the business is ready to accept, adopt and govern the changes being made to the entire organization.


Why is this important and how will an Organizational Change Management (OCM) focus help?


Consider the following when you assess where your company is:


  • As-is to future state enables you to find the change impacts
  • They form the foundation for the strategy and change management approach to maximize user adoption


New Focus- Organizational Change Management for CRM Projects


Improve CRM User Adoption with Organizational Change Management


Organizational change occurs when a company makes a transition from its current state to some desired future state.


OCM utilized for CRM Projects is the process of planning and implementing change in such a way as to minimize employee resistance and cost while simultaneously maximizing the effectiveness of the change effort.




An example of an integrated CRM / OCM methodology brings a structured and proven approach, specific to user adoption through the following:


  • Articulate, communicate and secure buy-in of the CRM value proposition
  • A significant majority of business leaders agree to synchronize, segment and maintain their contacts with their assistants’ support generally around a 3 month time-frame
  • Create a framework for marketing to plan and execute campaigns with appropriate approvals


We have encountered similar situations with many of our clients and prospects and subsequently, we have combined elements of our Organizational Change Management practice with our CRM methodology to create a specific approach targeted at solving our client’s user adoption issues.


Our CRM user adoption approach is predicated on establishing business ownership by involving key business stakeholders (Change Agents) that are responsible for driving, sponsoring and facilitating the deployment within their respective areas of business. With the support of senior leadership and our business engagement approach, those impacted by your CRM program will stay involved throughout the program, leading to higher acceptance and adoption of your CRM solution.

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