Can all areas within an organization experience "Mobile Business Benefits" in a productive way?

Business leaders from small, medium, and large enterprises have made the decision to embrace mobile app development services for numerous reasons. 

Customer engagement & satisfaction, revenue enhancement, productivity, competitive advantage, cost reductions, and workforce enablement are all “business benefits” that can be derived from mobile initiatives.

This 3 part blog series will discuss the 3 things you should do to ensure you maximize value from your mobile initiatives.

Some of you may have made the decision to invest without a good handle on why it’s important to your business other than knowing that you don’t want to lose out on opportunities by being a technology laggard. Now that you’ve made the decision to invest, whatever your motivation for doing so - how do you make sure that your mobile initiative delivers business benefits that your stakeholders applaud?

Larger enterprises can sometimes afford to “experiment” and conduct mobile POCs without much consequence but what if you have limited budget and technical resources? In many enterprises large and small tolerance for failure or half-baked experimentation is scarce! 

In this three part blog, I will share some best practices recommended by industry experts to help your enterprise mobility initiatives bring benefits that transform your enterprise in ways you may not have imagined and keep you from wasting valuable time and resources.

Here is what you can expect for the upcoming blog series..

Part 2. Develop and Document Your Enterprise Mobility Strategy

Part 3. Create a Mobile Center of Excellence (CoE) & Start Small

Emtec is here to help wherever you are in the journey with high value advisory and mobile app development services tailored to address specific organizational and industry challenges. Contact us for a free consultation.

Written by Christopher Barton

Business Development Executive- Digital Services

Mr. Barton has 18+ years of experience in information technology consulting. Over the course of his career he’s helped clients meet business technology challenges through solutions and managed services using a consultative selling approach. Mr. Barton is responsible for Business Development and Customer Care for Emtec Digital Services which specializes in Digital Transformation and Modernization via Application Services, Mobility, and Analytics.

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