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Maximizing the Horsepower of Your EPMA little background before I jump to Enterprise Performance Management– one day when I returned home from a business trip when my son was about 6 months old, I noticed that he had lined up all his toys that had wheels in a straight line across the floor of our family room. It was therefore no shock that as he has grown into a teenager, his love for cars has grown in equal measure. He earned his driver’s license on his 16th birthday, and my admiration, when he used money earned from his landscaping job to buy his first car.

Like many first cars, the vehicle he bought for $1,400 is a 12-year-old high mileage hatchback. So, he has learned the necessary skills to maintain it and is obsessed with getting every bit of performance out of it - that his limited budget allows. He continues to save more money to put toward incremental improvements to the suspension and steering, and to increase the power of the engine. I asked him recently when he will be satisfied and his answer was, “When it runs like new.”

That got me thinking in a different direction.

In the Oracle Hyperion consulting business, we often run into cases where organizations have a planning or reporting solution that no longer runs like new. They often get frustrated because they can still remember when the system’s reports refreshed quickly, calculations ran faster, and, like a new car, everything else was just smoother. The horsepower just isn’t there anymore.

Reasons for Enterprise Performance Management Slowdowns

Such a change in application performance over time can be caused by several factors. For example, maybe the system is taxed because the organization has increased the amount of data it’s putting into the system, or created additional configurations to accommodate new reporting needs. Also, additional hardware configurations or increased user demand can equally slow a system’s performance.

But whatever the reason, if the Hyperion solution just doesn’t run like new anymore, it can lead to complaints from users, unnecessarily long hours spent on maintenance, and general user dissatisfaction.

As experienced Hyperion developers and administrators, we understand the pressures and challenges of working with a solution with performance issues that start to impact your planning, close, and reporting cycles. And we want to help.

Improving your EPM horsepower

Emtec has worked with many clients who have seen their once high-performing solution slow down to a state that’s anywhere from slightly frustrating to completely unacceptable. We also appreciate that there’s nothing quite as satisfying as an application – or car – that runs like new.

Just as there are many factors that can lead to performance bumps, there are also a multitude of techniques you can initiate to re-tune your solution so that it runs like new – sometimes even better.

We can assess your database structures, overall design, data volumes, usage patterns, and hardware configurations to recommend specific, prioritized steps that your organization can take to return the performance of your Oracle Hyperion Planning and Essbase solutions to “like new.”

Watch our on-demand webinar on getting the most out of your Hyperion planning investment.

Contact us today to learn how we can help you maximize the horsepower of your EPM solutions.


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