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Mobile Friendly Website or Mobile App development

You’ve heard and read tons of information proclaiming the must have benefits of a mobile ready enterprise e.g., 73 % of users who click on an item or service via a mobile device purchase. In comparison 43% of desktop users do so but only after 3-4 return visits. Mobile app development enables an increase in revenue capture while decreasing sales cycles!

Okay, time to move steadfastly ahead...

Question- Should you redesign your website making it mobile enabled OR are you better served by deploying downloadable mobile applications?

Answer – it depends! “A responsive mobile enabled or optimized website is a site that is designed to function on the smaller and varied sized screens of mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. It typically takes the traditional web page, simplifies it, and makes it usable in a smaller touch screen setting.”
-Will Elkadi 2015:The Mobile Dilemma: Mobile Website or Mobile App?

“A mobile application or mobile app is a piece of software that is designed for a specific mobile operating system and device type that can be downloaded by the user through a store like the Apple App Store or the Google Play store.” -Will Elkadi

Each approach has its own unique value proposition and considerations. Determining whether mobile app development is best for your business is directly tied to the goals and objectives of your business.

Emtec’s Mobility as a Service – Readiness Assessment, led by our highly regarded Mobility Practice Leader - was specifically designed to guide clients through potential landmines and to help devise the appropriate deployment strategies. 

In the interim, check out the comparison chart by Adobe. Does it further stimulate ideas on which is be best for you?

Be it a mobile enabled website or downloadable mobile app development, at Emtec we have the skills to help you identify, quantify and exceed your goals!

Contact us today for an exploratory discussion or to arrange your Mobile Readiness Assessment!

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