Leading by Example: We Are Dedicated to Corporate Social Responsibility

With the holiday season fast approaching, it is important to stop and think of ways you might give back. At Emerging Solutions, an Emtec, Inc. company our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program focuses on having a positive impact on society and addressing the needs of many organizations. Rather than sending holiday baskets or gift cards, we have honored our employees and clients by making charitable donations to the Children’s Memorial Hospital and the Pancreatic Cancer Network of Chicago. Employees also routinely volunteer their time and skills for these and other foundations to help local communities.


I know that this company truly understands the need for community involvement and is proud to lead by example and help educate other professionals on the importance of working to make a positive impact within their local communities. The decline of involvement from the government and social service programs has made it critical that companies take more responsibility to fulfill the rising needs and overall initiatives.


Each year we work together as a company to help aid multiple organizations and causes. In addition to the Children’s Memorial Hospital and the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network; we support the Fairview Foundation in Minneapolis, partake in Habitat for Humanity and the Chase Corporate Challenge every year. Other contributions are in support of Toys for Tots, the Boy Scouts of America, the Vietnam Veterans of America and the American Red Cross. I see these contributions as more than just benefiting the community, they also provide the chance for each employee’s individual growth.


At Emtec, corporate responsibility is not an option, but rather a duty. The emphasis on giving back to the community is very high. There are two main ways to giveback and we embrace them both – monetary/resource donations and volunteering. At Emtec, we instill the importance of giving back to the community as a facet to the company’s success. Giving back is more than just a way to get a tax break. It sends a positive message to the public and makes those involved proud and gives a sense of accomplishment – providing increased employee morale that often outweighs any tax incentive that may result.


While you are celebrating the holidays this season, take a moment to think of ways your company, organization, or business can work together to improve charitable foundations and initiatives within your own communities. Start off the New Year on a more giving note. It is bound to have an impact on your employees.


Have a Healthy and Happy New Year!

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