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UI_UX_Overload_Another_Reason_Integration_Makes_SenseEver hear of "UI/UX Overload"? Simply put, it's when users have to face excess numbers of User Experiences. Even GOOD UI/UXs - when we're inundated with them - lead to degraded performance during our workday.

This is especially true for road warriors - field sales representatives who often have to operate while traveling. For these high-performance professionals, every switch between their CRM application and others, is wasted time & productivity.

The solution to UI/UX Overload break down into 2 main choices:

  1. Make all your UI/UX's the SAME
    1. Like Microsoft has done with its entire office suite, with arguable success.
  2. Condense your UI/UXs into FEWER ones.
    1. This is one of the unsung strengths of integration, and never seems to enough attention!

Condensing UI/UX's via integration is most commonly encountered when trying to join the strengths of 2 differing technologies (vendors). A perfect example would be Salesforce and SharePoint.

For organizations  who own both technologies (and there are OODLES of them), the result is often the creation of 2 distinct "portals" which end up competing with each other! The "employee portal" is most often implemented in SharePoint (and with good reason), while the "customer portal" used by the entire sales & marketing team is understandably implemented in Salesforce.

Yet with all its xRM-related strengths, Salesforce is not often viewed as a CRM that provides natural content management and collaboration functionality, so content is stored in SharePoint. This leaves sales reps in the field struggling between 2 (annoyingly) different UI/UX's just when they're trying their level best to be productive every day.

Imagine If

  • Salesforce users could interact with SharePoint content in such a way that they THINK it is SALESFORCE?
  • There were Salesforce "widgets" which empowered sales reps to access SharePoint-hosted content, or even search SharePoint?

Imagination Can Be Your Reality

It's been done!  The solution is a single, natural easy-to-use UI/UX for all the field sales reps - and all the increased adoption and increased productivity which comes with it!

Here's Why- Technologies like SharePoint don't have to dominate every user's UI/UX world to be of genuine practical business value. Instead, SharePoint functionality readily lends itself well to being integrated into existing UI/UXs of other popular and needed technology.

The Results- You'll be helping your organization out of UI/UX Overload!

Give it a try! Let us show you how to shift your "Imagine if" into your very own reality!

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