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Upgrade to ERP Cloud Release 10- Is it TimeTo stay relevant and useful, software and systems must be upgraded from time to time. Many users view these upgrades as just an inconvenience, whereas they are actually a manifestation of the developer’s efforts to deliver more value to its customers. Inconvenient or not, upgrades are important.

“It’s time to upgrade our ERP.” For many, those are words often trigger thoughts of projects past where countless hours are spending bringing your current applications to the latest version. Avoiding costly upgrades is one of the primary reasons why organizations select Oracle’s ERP Cloud. 

Upgrading can be a challenging process because it often entails a fair amount of investigation, planning, testing, and some technical processes that must be carried out properly and must be well executed. For many Oracle Cloud customers, Cloud Release 10 will be their first upgrade on their new Oracle platform. Although less complex than upgrades to Oracle’s on-premise application (with PeopleSoft, EBS or JDE), there are still a number of considerations and steps required in order to execute a successful upgrade.

Oracle requires customers to be on the current release or the prior release. New releases have been issued twice per year of late, so expect to upgrade at least once every year, maybe twice. As you work with Oracle to plan your upgrade timing, there is a lot of coordination required with the Oracle Support team. Be sure to understand all of the steps and timing required to execute a successful upgrade.

Emtec has considerable experience with Cloud Release 10 upgrades and has put this 4 part Blog series to share some of the knowledge developed in the process. Some of these lessons learned and guidelines can be found in this blog series, but remember that each upgrade can present unique challenges because each instance reflects a specific configuration, unique business processes and personalizations that apply to your environment alone.

It is our hope that this 4 part blog series will help educate, guide and support your upgrade to Cloud Release 10.

Stay tuned for the next 3 series:

  • Part 2: How to Prepare
  • Part 3: Launch
  • Part 4: Wrap Up

 In the meantime, contact us with any questions or concerns.

Written by Alan Green

Oracle EBS Practice Director

Alan has over thirty years of experience in Finance, Accounting and Information Technology with over twenty years of experience working with the Oracle E-Business suite of applications for Financials, Supply Chain, and Human Resources. Alan has worked in a variety of roles over the years including developer, business systems analyst, project manager, financial systems manager, consulting delivery manager and practice director. Alan has extensive experience working in the Aerospace, Telecommunications, and Gas/Electric Utility industries.

Alan excels at managing large, complex business systems projects. Alan has led numerous successful systems implementation, upgrade, and merger projects over his career including a global single instance Oracle EBS implementation project.

If you would like to connect with Alan: Alan.Green@emtecinc.com

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