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ENTERPRISE MOBILITY SERVICES Going mobile isn’t just a matter of choice anymore. It’s one of the most important business strategies for many organizations. So it’s no surprise that enterprise mobility services are becoming popular worldwide to support this overarching goal.

Enterprise mobility utilizes digital platforms such as mobile phones, tablets, and laptops as part of an enterprisewide IT infrastructure for employees, clients or partners through business operations. It started as a device and content management tactic but soon evolved into a strategy to ensure that time and place are never a constraint to productivity and efficiency.

Enterprise mobility involves mobile design and development, which focuses on complete control of the flow of information while maintaining stringent security standards. Organizations need serious and focused efforts to adopt mobile enterprise management to be competitive as well as streamline business processes to help improve productivity and employee satisfaction.

Impacts of Enterprise Mobility

Enterprise mobility has broken workspace barriers and revolutionized business operations by enabling employees to access enterprise systems through devices of their choice. This trend also has unlocked the immense potential to leverage circumstantial data to reach to customers. Despite perceived data security risks, organizations have developed strategies to facilitate data on wireless devices to leverage cumulative benefits.

Enterprise mobility services are helping organizations achieve business goals including:

  • Cost reductions by optimizing utilization of resources and infrastructure, which leads to better distribution of operational and capital expenditures. 
  • Productivity boosts by enabling rapid decision making through smooth information access and seamless communications to ensure fruitful operations. 
  • Increased customer value by facilitating access to relevant information, systems and client-facing applications, which enhances customer service.
  • Process streamlining through refining business processes with the latest technology innovations.

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Investments in Enterprise Mobility

Organizations have integrated enterprise mobility in various initiatives and are reaping benefits from it, despite initially being skeptical due to a lack of technology know-how or the right partner to guide them through the process.

For profitable investments in enterprise mobility, the key is adopting a developmental approach to reduce the cost of mobility through pre-built templates, processes and tests. Factors that drive investment in enterprise mobility include improving customer loyalty, improving employee satisfaction and retention, and gaining more business.

To understand the true value of deploying mobile solutions, organizations need to analyze and prioritize different use cases and their values as well as the total cost of mobility.

Steps for evaluating mobile services

All organizations are different with respect to resources, legacy infrastructure, use case and mobile maturity. The comprehensive costs of mobile app development and the components that add up to these costs vary from business to business.

Organizations should chalk out a near-perfect plan to determine the real cost of deploying mobile solutions and the expected benefits for their unique situation. The steps in the following image can help them make a decision on investment in enterprise mobility, and ensure the success of mobility transformation of enterprise and client facing systems/applications.

Steps to mobility

Enterprise mobility is one of the most strategic trends in both big and small organizations. It strengthens their position in a highly competitive global scenario while creating a brand image that uses cutting edge technology for ensuring customer/employee satisfaction.

Emtec has expertise in enterprise mobility services that organizations have leveraged to gain tangible and intangible benefits by mobility transformation. If you are planning an enterprise mobility implementation, or just want to know more about the unlimited possibilities for implementing enterprise mobility, contact us for a free consultation.


Written by Sreenivas Vemulapalli

Senior Director of Application Services

Sreeni is an accomplished technical resource with more than 20 years of experience in developing enterprise applications using Microsoft technologies and leading complex software development projects through all phases of the development life cycle from concept to successful completion and implementation.

If you would like to connect with Sreeni: Sreenivas.V@emtecinc.com

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