*Right-Mapping is our Proprietary Methodology that combines understanding users and available technology to identify gaps and mismatches which leads to opportunities for innovative solutions.

Empower your business collaboration with actionable insights including:

  • SharePoint_-_Collaboration_Right-Fitting_Diagram_png

    Adoption Strategies- Address specific role and department based benefits, challenges and long term sustainability options
  • Right-Fit Diagram- Scorecard-driven affinity diagram detailing your primary business functions with your business technologies
  • Road-Map Diagram- Multi-tiered Gantt style diagram plotted out in a 1-3 year timeline. Includes key market trends, technology milestones and  initiatives (e.g. new deployments, upgrades, custom solutions, integrations)
  • SharePoint Utilization- Learn where SharePoint can be utilized in your organization, how it should be used and methods to help get you there

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