Enable and Secure your Remote Teams for the New Norm

With remote employees as the status quo for the foreseeable future, ensuring the integrity of your remote work environments while continuing to enable and support your team is imperative.

Do your remote employees have what they need to be successful? Can they collaborate effectively? Are they secure?

Enable and Secure your Remote Employees for the Long Term!

The Business Risk of Remote Work

No one was prepared for the emergency shift to remote work. You did a great job enabling your team quickly to work from home, but now your security posture has shifted considerably. Some key risks include:

Employee Accessibility and Efficiency

Employee Accessibility and Efficiency

Provide remote employees secure access to company resources (applications, systems, data, collaboration, policies/procedures, training & support).

Protect Reputation and Customer Loyalty

Protecting Reputation and Customer Loyalty

Protect client data and your reputation by ensuring employee’s client-connected remote environments are effective and secure.

Maintain Company Compliance

Maintaining Company

Make sure company policies, tools and training in place for on-premise teams are adjusted to support remote work to maintain compliance.

Cyber Security Questions you
should be Asking

Organizations should conduct regular conversations about their cyber security posture to understand current preventive measures in place, potential gaps and the risks associated with those gaps. Some key questions to ask include:

Questions you should be asking

Enable and Secure your Remote

Employees for Long Term

Emtec offers a suite of remote work solutions to ensure your employees have the support they need to excel in their roles while ensuring the organization maintains a secure profile. Benefits include:

Emtec remote work solution benefits

Something Powerful

Something Powerful

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Unique Cyber Security Challenges

Small and medium organizations are affected by the same threats as large enterprises but with additional challenges making it difficult to employ a comprehensive strategy.

Limited Budget

Limited Budget for Security

Scarce Security Talent Pool

Scarce Security Talent Pool

Unknown Threats

Unknown Threats that Evolve Daily

Vast Security Tool Ecosystem

Vast Security Tool Ecosystem

Why Emtec for Cyber Security Services

Emtec helps organizations augment their internal resources and enhance their cyber security approach for a higher confidence in the security of their networks and enterprise operations.

Flexible Engagements

We offer extremely flexible cyber security service options from single-point security services, supplemental security resources, to fully managed "cyber security as a service" programs.

Reasonable Pricing

Our security services are built upon the premise that cyber security doesn't have to break the bank.

Local, Certified Resources

Emtec, HQ in Jacksonville FL, provides certified, local resources to organizations throughout the US and Canada.

Ensure the security of your remote employees while enabling them for success with Emtec's remote work solutions.