55-75% of ERP Implementations Fail to meet Objectives.

One of the largest IT investments you can make is the adoption of a robust enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. 

Unfortunately, ERP implementation projects tend to have a high failure rate, commonly due to factors outside the chosen platform. Factors that are easily addressed.

This Free Guide will help you learn the Top 10 Reasons for ERP failures, why ERP fails and what to do to avoid them.

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Key ERP Related Challenges

Learn How To Tackle ERP Implementation Failure like a Pro
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Learn how even the best goals and objectives don't always set a project up for success.




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Rigorous/ Phased Approach

Discover commonly overlooked scope, process, communication, and team challenges.


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Measuring Success

Learn why it's important to have good governance, communication, success metrics, and reporting.
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Testing, Training & 
Change Management

Uncover the importance of testing, getting your user community ready for fast adoption, and how to deal with inevitable change.


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Smoothing Post Go-live

Understand why the real work starts after go-live... and how to resolve problems before they escalate.

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Discover performance, cost and other benefits of keeping customizations to a minimum.