National Veterinary Associates (NVA) Improves Month-end Efficiency and Empowers Budget Owners with Oracle Analytics and EPM Cloud Services and Emtec's Financial Variance Analysis Solution

National Veterinary Associates, the largest private owner of freestanding veterinary hospitals in the United States, is undergoing a period of hyper growth. This crucial time for any organization requires the faster and smarter analysis of key financial data. NVA improved month-end efficiency and improved financial control for its operating units by implementing Emtec's Financial Variance Analysis solution, based on Oracle Analytics and EPM Cloud application technologies.

By providing the right people with the right level of visibility they require to analyze and understand the variances between budget and actual performance, NVA has empowered its hospital managers and operating units with the data they need to drive and control their financial performance.

The presentation will cover:

·    Client Use Case - Oracle Analytics & EPM Cloud Services and Emtec's Financial Variance Analysis Solution

·    Challenges faced by NVA prior to adopting the FVA solution

·    The benefits yielded by the implementation


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