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See a framework in which allocations are put back in the users’ hands. Users can define everything necessary for an allocation- from the source pool to the driver to the target pool. They no longer have to update or hardcode calculations when things change or new allocations are introduced. Simple configuration changes can allow for exception-based processing, overrides and driver/source pool modifications.

This framework seeks to drive transparency into the allocation process. It is constantly trying to answer the questions: “How were my allocations calculated?”, “Where did my allocated expenses come from?”, and “What is driving the variances month to month in my allocations?” As we use Hyperion Planning as the user front end, users are already familiar with the user interface, and budget/forecasts can be quickly incorporated to use the same logic (or different if necessary)!

In this session we will walk through the broad strokes of how this framework can be set up and several scenarios that a typical user might run into when setting up and calculating their allocations.